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Top Four Reasons to Hire a Tree Removal Expert

Tree Removal Service

Trees add incredible beauty to our properties, but only for a certain length of time. The lifetime or usefulness of a tree is limited and affected by several different factors. Find out why you may need to hire a tree removal expert to help improve or maintain your property.

Risk of Falling

This is a common issue after severe rain or winter storms, as well as in the wake of more serious storms. Weather damage weakens trees, creating a risk of falling branches or toppled trunks. Tree removal is required in these situations for safety. Experts advise property owners to inspect trees after severe storms, keeping a careful eye out for cracked and broken branches as well as trunk and root damage. Remember that heavy winds can topple a tree at the root base; make sure your trees remain stable to avoid this serious risk.

Damaged by Pests or Disease

Another common problem across the country, pests and disease take a toll on trees of any age. Research any infestations or spread of disease in your area and take regular walks around your trees to monitor the pest and disease situation. If the problem goes too far call a local tree removal professional to clear the damaged tree away and protect the balance of your property from similar issues.

Construction or Renovation Issues

Are you planning an addition or outdoor project such as a patio or fence? These major home renovations may require tree removal, especially if larger, older trees have grown beyond the original plans or you’ve moved into a home with previously established trees. Remember that hiring an experienced tree removal company may help with overall home renovation planning, keeping the project moving smoothly.

Landscaping or Atmosphere Change

Sometimes you simply want a change in your landscaping. Experts such as landscape designers or arborists can offer advice on effective tree removal , replacement or relocation. Talk to a pro before you solidify your plans to be sure your new landscape will suit your needs.

Whether damaged by weather or pests or simply in the way of your future plans, moving a tree requires the help of a tree removal expert.