There has been a lot of information in the media about ticks in the past few years, and I have observed high populations, and have heard similar reports from other landscape professionals this spring.

Ticks, primarily the deer tick, can carry and transmit Lyme disease. This disease can be quite debilitating to people and pets, causing many people to reduce their outdoor activities to reduce their exposure. At Mayer Tree Service, we can provide a solution for this pest.

Tretaments to your property can greatly reduce the tick population at your property. We have received several requests from new clients this year, so I want to continue to spread the word about treatment options. Traditional products will deliver a fast and effective knockdown, and we also offer organic options too for those that prefer more natural solutions, such as garlic juice and tick tubes.

Many people plan outdoor events during the spring, summer, and fall. Make your guests more comfortable by having a tick treatment done a day or two in advance of your party or wedding or cookout. These treatments are also effective where mosquitoes are a problem.

Mosquitoes can transmit Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus, as well as just being an annoyance to your outdoor living space. Targeted treatments for mosquitoes will drastically their populations.

Contact Mayer Tree Service to discuss a tick and/or mosquito treatment program with a certified arborist today!