How Compost Tea Counteracts the Effects of Chemical Landscape Treatments

Some tree services companies continue to use chemical landscape treatments on lawns, gardens and trees. While these products may have their place when dealing with specific issues, organic plant health care allows for better overall treatment. In fact, properly brewed and applied compost tea counteracts the negative effects of these chemical treatments and allows for stronger trees and plant growth.

Support for the Little Guy

The maintenance of beneficial microorganisms is one of the main reasons that compost tea aids in the fight against harmful chemicals in your landscape. These tiny organisms exist in the soil. Compost tea reduces the negative effects of herbicide, fertilizer and pesticide use, allowing beneficial microorganisms to multiple and thrive.

Having additional beneficial microorganisms in your landscape presents other benefits as well. Higher levels of foliar uptake, and therefore greater nutrient absorption, are a direct result of an increased foliar uptake. These microorganisms help to combat future disease and often contribute to healthier soil.

What Does Compost Tea Do to Your Trees?

Applying compost tea to the trees and plants in your landscape provides many different benefits. While chemicals are applied to aid in growth and establishment, and herbicides are used to deter pests and disease, compost tea can do all of that and more.

Compost tea delivers the following:

•Compost teas and other organic plant health care products contain beneficial organisms that promote healthy growth. These organisms protect plants and trees from diseases that enter through the infected or injured sites.
•Compost tea allows the soil to retain more nutrients, thereby providing more food for the nearby trees and plants.
•Compost tea also alters the soil structure, reducing compaction and creating a much better environment for all plant life.

If your trees suffer from overuse of chemical landscape treatments, or you simply want to avoid any possibility of that scenario, ask your local tree services company about using compost tea and other organic plant heath care products. They deliver many benefits to your garden.