Whatever the size of your garden or landscape, its beauty relies on good plant health care to ensure lush turf, thriving trees and shrubs and healthy plants of every size, shape and color. Your local tree service experts, arborist and landscape professionals understand that optimal plant health care hinges on three key areas, including soil quality, pest control and disease control. How does each key play a role in the overall health of your landscape?

Soil Nutrition and Maintenance

The quality of your soil greatly influences the health of any plant – from trees to shrubs, grass, perennials and vegetable plantings. Trees and shrubs show the effects of poor soil quality less obviously than smaller plants, but maintaining good soil remains vital for tree health. Environmental stress (such as construction, flooding or any other event that affects the surrounding environment) changes soil nutrient levels, but even the most peaceful soil loses nutrients over time and from season to season. Your tree service expert offers soil testing to understand the specific additives and processes your soil requires.

Insect Control

Various insects can trigger a rapid decline in the health of your trees, shrubs and plants. Whether you’re dealing with caterpillars, carpenter ants, scale insects or common pests like ticks and mosquitos, insect control protects your plants and the people who enjoy them. Understand the thresholds for each insect and monitor your trees and shrubs regularly to ensure optimum health care in the face of harmful invaders.

Plant Disease Management

Disease takes a heavy toll on plants, especially when that disease is left untended. Rely on the knowledge of trained landscape professionals and tree service companies to detect signs of plant disease, design a safe, effective treatment system and keep watch on the progress of your plants. Each step takes careful attention and a systematic approach, as well as up-to-date knowledge on the best practices and products on the market.

Overall plant health care relies on these three keys. Your local tree services or landscape contractor understands the value of premium soil quality, insect control planning and plant disease management. Give each key the attention it deserves and your plants will thank you.